Astound Magazine Submission Guidelines

Astound Magazine accepts fashion and beauty photography submissions, written submissions, as well as behind the scenes fashion videos to be featured on the website. Please read all of these guidelines to understand how to submit your work correctly. Thank you

Please send all submissions to: Submit@astoundmagazine.com

Please send any other inquiries to: Info@astoundmagazine.com

Submission Deadline: the 20th of the preceding month. (e.g the 20th of August for the September issue)

What we are looking for:

Astound Magazine is an independent publication dedicated to bringing you the utmost in high fashion, beauty, and style. We believe in showcasing the work of up and coming professionals in the industry, as well as established individuals who wish to continue to gain exposure.
As such, we welcome unpublished editorial submissions that are relevant to fashion, beauty, and style. We encourage you to be unique in your submissions, and when applicable, to follow our posted monthly theme.
We also accept written submissions, either accompanying a photography submission or as a stand-alone piece. While we are a primarily image based publication, we do welcome unique written perspectives on the fashion and beauty industry, including but not limited to: interviews, essays, fiction, trends, etc.
Astound Magazine is highly regarded by some of the most respected professionals and companies in the industry, and provides you with an opportunity to have your work exposed to an incredible array of outlets, including modeling agencies, photographers, and agents.
We look forward to publishing your work and playing a role in your continued success.
Please read on for detailed submission guidelines to ensure that your work will have the fullest opportunity to be accepted.

Submission Notes:
Please note a few important facts regarding submissions to Astound Magazine. Once an image or written piece is submitted, in order to be chosen it cannot appear or have appeared in any other magazine or publication. By submitting you are agreeing to allow Astound Magazine the exclusive use of your work (upon notification of acceptance), for any and all purposes, including but not limited to: social media, promotions, publication, etc. Please also note that there are no fees paid for accepted submissions, and we do not provide free publications at this point; magazine prints and digital copies can be purchased at MagCloud.com once the issue is released.

Photographic Submissions

When submitting photographs, please include:

• Photographer’s name and a title for the photography series.
• Your name, and relation to the submission, if different than the photographer.
• Please note: If you are not the photographer, you will also need to submit a photographer release form to indicate that you have permission to submit the images.
• Your contact information, including various social media names (suggested but not required)
• 6-8 images, encompassing 2-4 different looks. Please do not submit a photo series with only one outfit, setting, etc. (Same model is ok)
• Low-resolution versions of your images, for us to review. Upon acceptance, you will be asked for the full resolution images.

Note: Your full resolution images should be at least 300 dpi, with portrait size of 8.5×11. We do also accept landscape photos, but on a much less regular basis.

• Credits for all of your involved Team. We will not review nor publish submissions that do not have full credits included. Please double check to make sure all company and individual names are spelled correctly. (e.g. models, makeup, clothes/accessories designer, etc)
• Any necessary release forms.

If your submission is accepted:

You will be notified by email immediately of your acceptance, including any special considerations, including being chosen as a special feature or for the Cover image.
Please note, regarding our choice of Cover images: Unless otherwise noted (e.g. specifically stated monthly cover contest), the Astound Magazine staff will choose the Cover image from among the regular submissions. There will be no additional requirements to be chosen for the Cover image, and no special indication is necessary for you to signal your interest in procuring the coveted Cover position.
You will need to provide us with the full resolution images that we have chosen for publication, prior to our final deadline. If we do not receive the necessary images in time, it may result in your accepted submission not being published in the edition for which it was originally accepted.
Your photographs cannot appear on any other online platforms prior to the issue’s release. This includes websites, blogs, social media, etc. If your accepted submission is found to be posted elsewhere before the issue is released, we maintain the right to remove any of your images from that edition.
If your submission is not accepted:

If you do not receive an acceptance notification from us within 7-14 days, then your submission was not chosen for that month’s publication.
There could be many reasons why your submission was not accepted on a particular occasion. It may be that we have already filled our necessary image count for that issue, or your work might not fit the specific theme for that edition. It may also be that your image quality is not currently up to our publication standards.
Whatever the reason, please understand that although the Astound Magazine staff does review every submission, we will not have time to respond to every submission that is not included in that month’s publication.
However, also note that we will keep your submissions on file for at least 3 months, or longer, and there is a possibility that your work could be chosen for a future issue. If you have submitted late, or have a submission that better fits another month’s theme, this is a very possible scenario. In this circumstance you would be notified of your acceptance, and we would proceed with the acceptance process as usual.
Lastly, even if your submission is not chosen for publication immediately, we sincerely encourage you to continue submitting your work (different images/shoots/pieces). We are always looking for unique and diverse work that stands out from the crowd, and we will faithfully review every submission that comes across our desk.

Written Submissions

What we accept:
Astound Magazine also accepts written submissions pertaining to fashion, beauty and style. We welcome and encourage fresh and unique perspectives on the industry, including but not limited to: essays, editorials, trends, poems, interviews, etc. Submissions can be stand-alone pieces or accompany a relevant photo submission.
Because we accept such a wide range of types of written submissions, we do not specify a certain word count, although once we review your work we may ask you to make some editorial changes if necessary to fit our publication parameters.
All of the same photography submission policies also pertain to written submissions, where applicable. All work must be completely original and the sole property of the author/submitter. As with photo submissions, all submitted written pieces cannot appear in any other online media platforms prior to the release of the issue for which it is accepted. It also must not have been published in any other publication.
The same acceptance and non-acceptance procedures apply to written submissions.

Once your accepted work is published:

Where to buy Astound Magazine:
Once an issue of Astound Magazine is released, in addition to being available for viewing on our website, it will also immediately be available to purchase on MagCloud.com. You will be able to purchase print and/or digital copies, in whatever quantity you desire. You will also be able to purchase any and all former issues of the Astound Magazine catalog at any time. They will be available, sorted by date, on MagCloud.com/AstoundMagazine.

To ensure that you stay up to date:
Please like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. In addition to sneak peaks, contests announcement, and updates, we will announce any relevant protocol changes on these platforms.

Thank you for interest in our magazine, and we look forward to your submissions!


The Astound Magazine Staff