Fiftey Shades OF RED

Photo by: Michele Aboud
Photo by: Michele Aboud

From the girl next door to Rhianna and Leona Lewis, red lipstick is definitely a way of attracting some well-deserved attention.

And it’s noted that wearing red lipstick really makes women feel more confident

Red signifies a founding spirit with class and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. For those out there who need a confidence booster. Red lipstick also signifies those who are strong willed giving confidence to women who are shy or lacking will power.

Lighting is Key. “If you’re outdoors, you should definitely go with a softer shade.”

For an evening affair the bolder the better, don’t be afraid making those beautiful features stand out.

If you have thin lips, stay away from the deeper shades of red as they tend to make your lips look much smaller.

Do you have strong coloring? Try testing and experimenting with intense shades. With strong coloring, natural contrast gives you more options (for example, paper-white skin, brown hair, and deep blue eyes).

Try not to play up your eyes. It’s best to pair red lipstick with the lightest eye makeup, a little mascara and eye shadow will do the job.

Photo by: Michele Aboud
Photo by: Michele Aboud

Be very delicate, whenever you are applying lipstick straight from the tube or if you’re using a brush. “Red lipstick should never be applied while in a rush.”

Avoid using red lip liner especially if it does not match your lipstick perfectly, doing this can cause your lips to have two separate tones. When using lip liner, its best to find a shade that’s very close to your natural lip color.

Avoid “Bleeding”. Simply apply a little concealer around the rim of your mouth.

After applying your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth, form an O with your mouth around your finger and gently pull it out removing excess color.

Feel Daring? Try one of the shades from Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Envy

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