10 Reasons You Should Skip Coffee & Grab a Matcha Tea

We’ve got our basic morning routine, right? Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Brew coffee. Wish you could snooze again. The AM routine has forever been changed with the new wave of matcha tea available. Matcha is a very fine powder made from tea leaves that have grown in the shade. It’s basically green tea on steroids.

So should you swap your cup of joe for matcha? We’re about to tell you…

1. Increases your energy levels – we’ve heard that this wonderful tea can stimulate you for up to 2 hrs.

2. Bumps up the immune system – due to the multiple antioxidants in this tea, the body gets what it needs and some.

3. Keeps you heart healthy by preventing heart disease

4. Keeps everything running smoothly – by that we mean, no more constipation!

5. Say bye to Listerine! – The Catechin in the tea fights those icky germs to kill bad breath and protect tooth enamel. Just give it a little swish in the morning.

6. Matcha has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Helps to keep you happy & focused; L-Theanine improves concentration and your memory as well. It pumps up your dopamine and serotonin.

8. Cancer-fighting machine- According to a study done at the University of Mississippi, drinking matcha tea can significantly stunt the growth of breast tumors.

9. No diet pills needed! – Matcha heats up your body to help you metabolize your meals and burn body fat.

10. The detox- matcha is richly concentrated in chlorophyll that detoxifies.

Can your coffee do all this? Probably not. Grab this incredible powder here

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