7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017

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7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
The Shimmery Shadow

Ellarie (Left), is richly known for her YouTube savvy and amazing makeup tutorials. We’d like to highlight her dramatic shimmery gold shadow. This look definitely shows no sign of taking any halt in 2016.

7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
Ahead of The Bob

Amber Rose (Left), is out of this world! With this look, Amber Rose should have starred in Mad Max. Well, we might be pushing the envelope quite a bit, but Amber Rose is to blame for the rise of the Super Short Cuts. This beauty isn't going anywhere in 2016 neither is the look.

7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
Those Lips!

From Lupita Nyong’o Star Wars red carpet appearance to Rhianna sending a clear signal that the metallic lip is a definite! Sonjdra Deluxe (Left) is a youtube sensation known for her stylish, edgy look, and makeup skills is a complete representation of the metallic lip! Oh, how daring is this? The Metallic will continue to influence the bold in 2016.

7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
The Fishtail Braid

This is the do anything, go anywhere style that was notably spotted all over the Spring Summer 2016 Runways. The fishtail braid will once again make its appearance this spring 2016.

Source: Megan Bryce INSTAGRAM @meganebryceUXE
7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
In With The Real

It all started when Alexander Wang decided to take his concept up a notch during the spring 2016 fashion show for Balenciaga. Wang used his circle of real-girl friends of all shapes and sizes to display his line. This movement of embracing people for their beautiful imperfections is something that we would like to continue as we enter 2016.

Source: Ashley Graham INSTAGRAM @theashleygraham
7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
All Natural

The street style stars are on the rise! This is the end of the fight of your natural hair texture. René Daniella (Left) is an Instagram sensation who embraces the Au Naturel movement! This beauty trend is still taking wave as we enter 2016.

Source: René Daniella INSTAGRAM @ownbyfemme
7 Bold Beauty Trends of 2017
The Do It Yourself

This group of talented individuals fueled by the gift of social media is on the rise. It's a new makeup movement that's gathering continual moment as both men and women put their talents to work. This movement is a 2016 definite.

Source: Aurora INSTAGRAM @auroramakeup & Ariel Diaz INSTAGRAM @theevanitydiary

2016 was the year of creativity and wonderful change! Remembering the half-knot, pink hair, and oh so tempting hoverboards. Now that the New Year is here its time to predict the daring beauty trends that will stand out in 2016. If it happens, just remember who said it first! We think 2016 will be the year that embraces individuality. Being different and bold standing out among the masses. Making a strong statement with the lips, and shortcuts. The off-kilter bang and shimmering eyeshadow might seem like an unorthodox match. Here’s our predicted Bold Beauty Trends of 2017.

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