The Secret to Chic Etiquette

Marissa Zandonella Astound Magazine

“The Secret to Chic Etiquette”
A woman’s guide to staying chic in the city.

New York, Milan, Tokyo, Paris – the fashion capitals of the world. They all have one thing in common: fashionable women. Surely, there’s a secret to looking fabulous no matter what city you’re strutting in. Well, here’s how:

Wear more black!

No seriously, buy dark hues. Black, purple, brown, navy and dark greens not only basics but must have colors in your wardrobe in the winter. These colors match with just about anything and with the right accessories, you just might be runway ready. Picture this: you buy a cute black skirt, you already have a beautiful black silk top, a navy blazer for work and black knee high boots. (Don’t we all?) Pair that with a long pearl necklace and a black clutch and you’re ready to strut with the best of them! Black doesn’t fail us. Its slimming, its always in style; which creates wardrobe longevity. Most important for us ladies on the go-it’s easy to transition your day outfit to a night out on the town.

Be Neutral

Staples in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe should include easily paired neutrals like blush, beige, khaki, gray, cream and white. These colors are well worn through all seasons and pair well with our beloved black. You are too busy to think about what matches with what, buy neutral, thank me later!

Make a damn statement
Kathleen IG: @carriebradshawlied
Kathleen IG: @carriebradshawlied

You didn’t think I’d let you be so basic did you? Now that your basics are in order, you can pop with any color that you choose. Personally, I like to do this with a lip color, handbag or piece of jewelry. This is also when you play with textures. On a nice fall afternoon, I might wear my favorite khaki cigarette pants from Zara with my “So Kate” Louboutin pumps along with white blouse and this fabulous beige trench from ASOS. Sounds plain right? Until I add a red lip and my red croc clutch. (An unusual find from a little boutique right off the subway in Paris).

Whatever your style, budget or favorite color, we all love to look great. Follow these steps, and you’ll be teaching a course in Chic Etiquette in no time.

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