Being Plus in a world full of Minuses

Pick up a magazine, hop on social media, walk down the street and look at a billboard and tell me what you see, it’s okay, I’ll wait.”If we happen to live in the same society, which we do, I’m assuming the first thing you saw was a women, rail thin, size 2 max, probably white, in an outfit you could only dream of wearing because we are not what designers have in mind when they decided what will and will not rule the runway next season. So now you’re asking yourself

“what’s a plus sized girl like myself to do ?”

Naturally the answers that society has oh so graciously shoved down your throat come up, start a diet, hit the gym, and every other thing someone may have suggested to you because they were just “so concerned about you sweetie”. Have no fear though, I’m here to provide you with the answer, and the answer is to live. Don’t let your size hold you back from doing what you want wearing what you want and BEING who you want. There are plenty of people to look to for inspiration, Nadia Aboulhosn, Gabifresh, and Jade Sezer just to name a few. There are brands such as ASOS Curve and Missguided Plus that understand that plus size women don’t walk around in burlap sacks with holes for our head and arms cut out. We deserve to be ‘on trend’  ladies and we can be, so go out and wear that crop top that you thought you were too big to pull off.  Wear the stripes that you’ve feared because that one time at the hair salon you read an article that said they would make you look wider, and put on those shorts you bought in the spur of the moment but pushed to the back of your closet because you were to scared to wear them out in public. So go out ladies, show the world that you’re the shit because you are and flaunt that #GoldenConfidence word to Essie Golden.

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