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Have you been afraid of commitment? Not relationship wise, but when it comes down to your personal fitness goals? I’m pretty sure you’ve hopped from one workout to the next, changing your program promising to stay on track this time. Hands raised if you tried multiple fitness classes dedicating yourself to 6 days of strenuous workouts reaping little to no change.

The answer is very simple! The goal is to let your body do what it’s designed to do through “functional fitness.”

This form of fitness was designated to performance athletes and surprisingly the elderly. The Astound Editors were impressed with the outcome and felt it was essential to share this with you. Functional Fitness does not focus on the muscular cosmetic value. Instead, it focuses on the way the muscles work and perform. This style of fitness intercepts from multiple fitness modalities such as, yoga, calisthenics, and interval training techniques preparing your body for what it may encounter on a daily basis in life’s matrix.

basebodybabes IG: @basebodybabes
basebodybabes IG: @basebodybabes

Functional fitness can be viewed as the mix between traditional cross-training and haute couture cross training. The goal is to tailor the training to your specific desires and needs hence why one on one personal training sessions can be very essential. The closest to functional fitness is the old school boot camp sessions. The only issue with that training style is that it’s not meant for everyone. A common complaint is that the sessions progress too fast, which commonly leads to injury. RECOVERY! Is that loud enough? Believe it or not, but your body is always in a recovery state due to everyday activities from our daily routine. Why go against the grain? It’s simple to train the way the body knows how to respond commonly. You want to avoid going stale due to sticking to the same training regimen. Truthfully sticking to the same training regimen can be detrimental to your overall fitness goals also known as gains. Once the body becomes accustomed to one training regime, you must shock the body with something new. Imagine giving your beau the same gift over and over again. It becomes boring and predictable reaping no appreciation. The body works the same way! Mix it up developing more than one muscle group. Don’t skip leg day ladies and gents lol trust me when I say it’s not attractive to have oversized biceps with a small chest, or an amazing upper body with pencil legs ugh.

Don’t worry, this process is pretty simple when it comes to adding functional exercises into your program. Thankfully apps can save the day! Download fitivity, which is a function fitness app that have programs designed to prepare you for daily movements in life. Functional fitness involves natural movements such pulling, twisting, squatting, pushing, and lunging. Don’t forget to keep mixing things up as this can lead to optimal results. Just keep in mind this simple rule “Do not allow your body to adapt.”

If you’re in the NYC are you can find Body Space Fitness pretty useful which offers a variety of fitness programs including functional fitness.

Happy training!

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