Style Icons Set to Takeover in 2016

FEATURED LAYOUT NKOTBIt is human nature to both admire and draw inspiration from others, this statement is especially apt when discussing women and their style icons. The key to exceptional style is not simply recreating someone elses look, but taking what it is you like about their vibe and building upon to make it truly you.

Every year there is a new troop of it girls that reveal themselves, if ever you are lacking inspiration on the style front these girls are usually your first stop for out of the box fashion inspiration you can work into your look.

We have given you a run-down of some of the icons to watch out for in 2016, which should make your late night Instagram searches for style inspiration just that little bit easier.


Gigi Hadid
Jelena Noura Hadid or Gigi as she is known, is a California girl with phenomenal style and a gorgeous face to boot. Gigi is set to take over the modelling world landing gigs with Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Maybelline to name a few. Gigi’s sleek monochromatic styling makes her a firm addition to our list of 2016 icons.


Elsa Hosk
Elsa, the Victorias Secret model with traditional Swedish good looks has been blessed with seriously covetable blonde locks and a body to die for.
Aside from her god given good looks Elsa is the epitome of laid back cool. Frequently spotted donning a beanie, Elsa has casual style spot on.
Whether rocking black on black with biker boots and a boho hat or perfect winter style in a knitted sweat, patterned pants, ankle boots and her trademark beanie she is doing everything right in the style stakes.


Natasha Oakley
Sydney born Tash Oakley is the co-founder of the instagram hit ‘A Bikini a Day’, but it seems that the models style repertoire extends far beyond skimpy bikinis.
Her laid back Aussie / Cali inspired style is perfect when you are on the hunt for killer summer looks. She hits it out of the park with effortless styles to take you from the beach to the bar to the boardroom.
It’s also impossible not to admire her deep tan that is clearly the result of many days well spent on the beach.


Becca Dudley
UK born, MTV presenter Becca Dudley has a degree in Fashion Styling and Photography from the London College of Fashion which clearly where she earned her fashion stripes. Becca’s style is a little bit gangster and a whole lot of fun. With pastel locks and a collection of straight brim hats to rival Jay-Z’s. Her look is definitely not for the faint of heart, but what fun is fashion if you can’t take a few risks now and again?

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