Non Carb Remedy!

Non Carb Remedy

Just like fashion, when it comes to food trends they’re not new they’re pretty much reinvented. Some of these would be the foods that’re taking over our Instagram feed such as spiralized veggies, pasta-like ribbons generating buzz on blogs and books leaning towards weight loss remedies. We hate carbs! We’re clearly in a carbophobic era, but the health food of choice is not from this era (Seems like it should be). Have you noticed that these amazing vegetable strips became the main course for cookbook authors from both sides of the Pacific?

Sweet potatoes and pumpkin are great alternatives for butternut squash but is turning butternut squash into fettuccine a good alternative for those who have a serious pasta craving but desire low carbs? We have a tendency to eat with our eyes, and this with no reservation looks like pasta. If you are looking at this from a caloric and carb perspective, this swap would be an undeniable health upgrade. Three cups of pasta at 720 calories compared to three cups of zucchini noodles at 99 calories, 18.3 grams of total carbohydrates, and 6.0 grams of fiber is definitely the way to go.

The correct ingredients and sauce is key, let’s keep in mind that carrots and zucchini are different from potatoes that are much higher in calories. Summer squash, jicama, and beets are low and calories but very rich in vitamins. Zucchini noodles are great when tossed with a sauce that replaces the high-fat cheese with avocado that’s jammed packed with omega three fatty acids. Doing this will only increase the benefits.

Businesses like paleocupboard are capitalizing on the Zucchini noodle craze-swinging in taking over the kitchen by providing an exceptional dining experience.

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