5 Styles that show no signs of disappearing in 2015

The White



Make like Run DMC and rock fresh, crisp white kicks for the ultimate laid back styling. The trend which came into the spotlight late 2014 is both comfortable and cool, what more could you ask for? The ease of this style is what makes it a main stayer for 2015.


Whether you are donning Adidas Superstars, Supergas, Nike Air Force Ones or Adidas Stan Smiths, if your trainers are so dazzlingly white you need to shade your eyes to tie your laces, you are onto a good thing.


The oversized sunglasses trend is one that will be around not just into 2015, but FOREVER. There is nothing quite like slipping on a giant pair of sunnies to make you feel like an absolute star.


That’s not the only benefit, giant sunglasses can hide all manner of sins. Partied too hard last night? No worries, your sunnies have got your back. Just spotted someone you really don’t want to say hi to? Perfect time to hide behind your movie star sized shades.

Whether you opt for round, square, tortoiseshell, jet black, or white sunglasses (I’ll take one of each please) you will be making a sound investment in an accessory you will go back to season after season.


The deconstructed boyfriend style jean had a resurrection in the latter half of 2014, they were emerging on the legs of the fash pack left right and centre. Paired with blazers and lace up cage heels, oversized tees and pointed pumps or cuffed with skin tight crop tops and low cut converse.

2015 has been no different, worn slung low on the hip with giant holes in the knee the boyfriend jean has stuck around. A definite trend to invest in if you have not already done so, your legs will definitely thank you for it after years of being forced into skinny drainpipe jeans!


The backpack is a style that will transport you right back to your school days. The trend started to sizzle in 2014 and is now cooking with gas in 2015. The modern take on the trend is a bit more edgy chic than schoolgirl. Simplistic designs in leather keep the look cool and modern. Ideal for achieving a classic minimalistic look with a twist.




Edgy ankle boots paired with unexpected outfits is a trend that bloggers and fashionistas championed throughout 2014, and 2015 sees the trend continue. Simply trading your regular safe stilettos in for a pair of tough ankle boots can take your outfit from average to amazing and make you look like an absolute style pro.


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