The Top-rated Layered Hair Hairstyle


Layered hair has always been trendy and gets enough votes to become an absolute favorite. Regardless of your hair type, length, thickness, and structure, layer hairstyle will provide you with a lot of volume and texture, especially if you are dealing with a thin hair.

Therefore, rough cuts are, probably, among the most common requests at hair salons nowadays. This haircut is versatile, and you can wear it short, long and medium. Additionally, you can create different hairstyles, put it into classy undo, a casual ponytail, braid it, twist it, basically whatever you want.

So, for a feminine and well-groomed look, here are a couple of ideas.

The ideal bedhead

How many times have you heard your hair look the great first thing in the morning? We all love that bed hair, but it can be very frustrating when you can’t recreate that exact hairstyle whenever you want. However, adding layers can help you a lot. You will increase the volume, depth, and texture.

This hairstyle is perfect for mid-length hair, and subtle highlights in medium brown are always a nice touch for brunettes.

Shoulder length hair with flicked ends

If you have a medium to long hair, then you should consider spicing it up with flicked, choppy ends. Keep in mind that layers define and make all hairstyles interesting. Additionally, flicked ends are excellent for women who just like to blow dry their hair.

You can use a round brush and a bit of volumizing spray to shape your hair. The thicker hair will hold the layers longer. This hairstyle is excellent for all occasions and provides with a feminine and sophisticated look.

Straight rounded lob with chunky razored layers

The continuous trend of lob still attracts attention from millions of women around the world. So far we have seen it in many shapes, lengths, and forms. Women seem to gravitate towards this hairstyle. Razor cutting is a method that stylists use to refine sections and thin ends out. With thinner ends, the pieces will look more blended and styled.

You can always add a bit of color to get that stylish look, but only highlight the layers for better impact.

Messy feathered cut

Highlights that frame your face al youthful and imitate the natural bleaching from the sun during summertime. You can combine this with a tousled style to get a natural hairstyle.