The Boldest Ladies Haircut Styles


Over the years, we have been witnesses of various hair trends and each season they come and go. But, some of these cuts have proven to stand the test of time. Do you need proof, look no further than the red carpet?

While your favorite celebrities like to experiment and are often prone to dramatic changes, they always return to one haircut which was their signature. Whether you are loyal to a long hair, bob or a pixie, we are going to show you a couple of ladies haircut that will make you change your appearance and try something new.

A cut above

Everyone knows Rachel from Friends and her signature hair. Whether you style it with a flat iron or with a blow drier, it should look sleek and sophisticated. However, if you want to experiment with form and texture, then you can casually tousle layers which will beautifully frame your face.

This haircut is a classic and famous around the world. You will see many women wearing it. The but above provides timeless elegance, it easy to style, especially if you have a thick hair which stays in place the whole day.

Short and sweet

You would think that short hair isn’t ladylike, but you are wrong. We live in the 21st century where differences are largely accepted and being unique is a valuable asset. Not anyone can pull out this bold haircut, but if you have body and face, why not try it? After all, it’s just hair, and in a couple of months, it will grow again.

The side-swept pixie is an excellent choice. You can spritz texturizing spray for easy manipulation and let the hair air dry. If you want a more polished look, then you can gently blow-dry it.

Blunt Bangs

Bangs are always on, but they aren’t for all women. If you have chubby and round face, then bangs aren’t something you want to do. Women who have a big forehead and oval face will find bangs as an excellent accessory to their haircut.

For a flat finish, you should use an oil-free styling cream through damp hair and then blow-dry your bangs. In this case, you will get the sleek and flat appearance and avoid curling.

Va Va volume

Letting your hair loose and free is the best feeling in the world. You don’t have to worry about messing your haircut of think about tons of product you have to use every time. To enhance the natural waves and volume, use a curl moose to damp hair before you style it.