The Best Female Hairstyles 2018


In a variety of patterns, textures, lengths, and styles, it’s challenging to choose only one hairstyle. Women like to experiment with the shape and form, which is perfectly fine. Some of them will even change a couple of hairstyles in a year.

But, if you don’t fall into this group, then change must be a tough thing to deal with. In this case, you need to find a hairstyle that will satisfy all your needs, and we have a couple of them for you.

Blunt bob with bangs

Lob has been quite trendy in the last couple of years, but somehow women got bored with it. So now, the natural progression of the lob is pulling your hair up an inch or two into a bob and adding a set of blunt bangs.

When you make a hair salon appointment, ask your stylist about blunt bob with few long layers. Make sure that your bangs are slightly layered and longer on the sides. If you are always reaching for a flat iron to make your hair smooth and straight, then don’t forget to apply a weekly repairing mask, which will make everything better.

Curtain bangs

We guess that side-swept bangs are slowly becoming the thing of history. Don’t you believe us? Well, the curtain bangs are up to 600 percent in search on Pinterest. So, if you aren’t ready to part with your current look, then maybe you should at least think about the curtain bangs.

This hairstyle is versatile and can quickly update your look. You might think these types of bangs are a bit retro, but you are wrong. They are easy to maintain, and if you decide to grow your hair, they’ll help avoid any awkward stages. When you are styling your bags, you should use a small rounded boar’s bristle brush and flip the ends ways from your face.

Lengthened pixie

A lot of celebrities have explored this hairstyle and chopped their hair off into a pixie. However, if you aren’t a fan of the very short hair, then you can opt to keep some length on top for more styling options. In this case, you can fix the top whatever you want and use a curling wand to create soft curls which will add more volume.

Cher’s hair

Even if you have a short hair, you can quickly achieve the 70s-inspired hair length by clipping in a set of extensions. On the other hand, if you want to grow your hair, don’t skip on regular trims because they will prevent damage, split ends, and boost hair growth.

You can let your hair loose, slightly tousled, or keep it sleek; your options are limitless.