How To Get Products For Oily Hair?


Oily hair is a huge problem for millions of women around the world. It barely stays fresh and bouncy a day before you have to rewash it. In this case, you are limited with the amounts of products you can use.

When you go shopping, you will find that the majority of products are either of volume or for colored hair, which is a dissipating fact, considering the number of women struggling with this issue. So, how can you find the right products?


Finding the right shampoo is the first step to solving the problem. The scalp produces oils, and your product needs to address this problem without drying your hair. You should buy shampoo that clears scalp and wash your hair with it once a week.

This will gently cleanse the scalp and the hair from oils and sebum while providing a healthy shine and strength. You should avoid using a moisturizing shampoo; it will only add layers of cream. A clear shampoo is better than a creamy one, and it will do wonders for your hair.

Use a dry hair powder

The scalp releases approximately a half a teaspoon of oil in 24 hours, which is a lot. This is the main reason why people need to wash the hair every other day. But, the powder will prolong the washing time. You don’t have to buy expensive hair powders because baby powders will do the same job, if not better.


Oily hair doesn’t mean you should stop using conditioners. Just be careful with its application and use the appropriate conditioner for greasy hair. Apply it on the tips of your hair and make sure to keep it away from the scalp.

Nowadays, conditioners feature a lot of ingredients and in most cases various oils. So you don’t want those oils to end up on your scalp. After each application, rinse it thoroughly.

Add serum to your hair washing routine

When experiencing oily hair problems, then serum should be your best friend. Oils need to be washed daily, and we all want to prolong the washing time. Nowadays, you can buy a lot of serums designed for oily skin.

They will reduce the frizz, moisturize and condition your hair without using additional products.