How To Avoid Hair Damage From Curling And Flat Irons


These tools can do wonders with our hair and make it look excellent, but sometimes the price is too big. People who regularly use flat irons, curling wands and blow driers suffer from considerable damage and a lot of them don’t know how to use these tools properly.

So, before you know it, your hair is ready for another trim because the split ends are too rough to look at. Here are a couple of tips that will help you avoid this damage and improve the look of your hair.

Buy high-quality tools

Hair styling equipment doesn’t have to cost tons of money. You can find decent devices for reasonable money, buy they need to have essential features. For instance, let’s look at different heat settings. The cheaper one only offer one setting, while more expensive tools have a couple of heat settings.

Also, make sure to check the temperatures because they can vary. For example, some flat irons can have a range in temperature from 175 to nearly 400 degrees. The 400-degree setting is defiantly too high for armature use, so never use this setting at home, unless you want to burn your hair.

Get familiar with your hair

When selecting the temperature on your drier, curling or flat iron, consider the thickness of your hair. The thinner the hair, the lower the temperature is. If you have a fine baby hair, then you should use a lowest possible setting.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you have thick hair, you should choose the highest temperature. Even the professional hair stylists use an extremely high setting. So, before you get your styling tool, consider your natural hair texture. You better wok with the natural texture and not against it.

Protect your hair from heat

Nowadays, you can find a variety of products on the market that are designed to protect your hair from heat. After all, the heat is the only side-effect of styling tools. Many of us use silicone as a protective coating, but there are also a lot of sprays that have the same role.

When it comes to damage, irons are worse than blow driers. If you want to protect your hair, then you need to work quickly.

Learn styling techniques

Talk with your hair stylists and ask him how you can fix your hair without causing damage. He might be able to tell you the shortcuts and provide you with advice. He will point out mistakes and help you recover your hair.