50 Shades Of Red – Select The Best Red Hair Color


Red hair might seem a bit of a challenge for many women. But, in the last couple of years, we have seen so many of them accepting the change and embracing the colors. Whether you are looking for a bold appearance, or you want an attention-grabbing moment, red hair is your go-to option.

The spectrum of shades is quite large, it depends on your personality, skin tone, and preference. So, here are a couple of options that might find interesting and who knows, maybe the red hair will become your signature. 50 shades of red will help you to find your best hair color.

True red

This is for all women who love that classic shade, and you can’t do better than true red. The color in the shade of pomegranate is excellent for anyone with the light eyes, pale or medium complexion. To boost up your appearance, you can use a subtle pale pink lipstick, and thick black or brown mascara.

Natural copper

Natural copper is a specific hair color which not everyone can pull off. However, you like this shade, then give it a try. A coopery and ginger red are both soft and alive. Women who have a golden complexion and hazel or green eye will love this color. It will complement your skin tone and also your overall look.


Auburn blonde

If you want to add a bit of spice to your appearance, then light red shade will evoke all kinds of feelings. But, keep in mind that most luminous bright red makes a boldest hair color statement. Not everyone is ready to make this step.

So, make sure that this is what you want because the red color is tough to take off, once it’s applied. Choose a reddish eyeliner and creamy apricot lipstick to add a bit of warmness to your look.

Golden mahogany

Why choose one hair color when you can have two. The golden mahogany combines caramel and chestnut brown hair tones which offer brunette look with a reddish twist. In this case, if you aren’t sure whether the red color is the right solution for you, then golden mahogany is a middle option.

Berry burgundy

Imagine the color of perfectly ripe summer berry. This shade with math anyone with light skin tone and eyes. The beery burgundy is designed with cool tones and paired with a smokey eye and marsala lip it can evoke a dramatic look.